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JCB220 SWING Motor Reductor Swing Device JS220 Trasmission gear

Item No.: JCB JS220 swing motor reductor

Product Description

JCB220 SWING Motor Reductor Swing Device JS220 Trasmission gear

Landa Machinery Equipment Co., Limited supply brands of excavators spare parts, Quality replacement parts for Caterpillar, Case, Daewoo Doosan, Hitachi, Hyundai, JCB, John Deere, Kobelco, Komatsu, Kato, Kubota, Sumitomo, Volvo, etc. Genuine original parts and high quality stable OEM parts meet different need for customers. Full range Excavator Hydraulic System Oil Seal Components and seal kits, Hydraulic Breaker rock hammer oil seal and seal kits, Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Motor, and repair component kits for hydraulic pump and motors, Engine parts and engine related parts, electric solenoid valve, sensors, etc.

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Parts List:


ZX200 MAG-170VP-3400E-7  SY215CAI4K SH215-X2
ZX200-3 MAG-170VP-3600E-4, LQ15V0000007F2 SK235, SK230-6
ZX240-3 MAG-170VP-3600E-4, LQ15V0000007F2 SK235 SK230-6, SK250NLC-6
ZX270 ZX270-3 MAG170VP-3800G-K1, LQ15V00020F1  
ZX330 ZX330-3G MAG-230VP-6000  
Zx450LC ZX450-3 MSF-150VP-6-1  
R140-7 Travel Motor M4V290-170F, LC15V00026F2, M4V290F-RG6.5F, LC15V00023F2 SK350-8
R290LC-7 MAG170VP-30 JCB JS235   
R300-5 MAG-170VP-5000-7 HD1430-III
R360-7 M3V290/170A-RG6 SH300-3
SK200LC-1/2/3   SH450L
SK200-5   SH75 Travel Motor
SK200-6 Travel Motor   JS200 Travel Motor
SK200-6E   JS240 Travel Motor
SK200-8 Travel Motor   S220 Travel Motor
SK220-3   S230 Travel Motor
KRJ4690 LBQ0353 O ring Pump main hydraulic LZM0309
KRJ4573 LBQ0953 O ring Pump main hydraulic LQM0027
LNP0186 LBQ1453 O ring Pump LZM0308
KRJ4573 LBQ0082 O ring Pump main hydraulic LPM0063
LJP0035 LBQ0112 O ring Shaft LTM0018
LJP0036 LBQ9142 O ring Shaft KAA0081
LCP0036 LBQ0242 O ring Coupling spline LMM0525
LTP0044 UBJ0158 O ring Bearing LPM0099
LTP0045 LBQ0182 O ring Bearing LSM0118
LMP0147 LAP0029 Seal oil Spacer LMM0513
LMP0185 LBB0182 Ring back-up Clamp LMM0363
LKP0030 LBB0353 Ring back-up Bush LAM0023
LMP0207 LNP0173 Kit piston sub-assembly Spacer LBQ5268
LSP0109 LNP0174 Cylinder sub assembly Spring LBM0056
LBO0502 LNP0175 Cylinder sub assembly Spacer LBQ6266
LMP0208 LNP0176 Kit-swash plate sub assembly Plate LPM0090
LMP0210 LNP0180 Pin assembly tilting Plate swash support LZM0228
LZP0176 LZP0179 Valve Plate front Oil seal LZM0310
20/951844 LNP0181 Valve assembly regulator cover seal assembly LAM0058
LZP0177 998/10431 Pump regulator replacement Cover rear oil seal Lam0059
LWP0006 LNP0172 Pump assembly servo Casing pump LBQ0072
LPP0097 20/925164 Pump assembly servo Valve block LBQ0182
LWP0007     Casing valve LQM0029
1391/3310 JRA0124 Motor track Capscrew  
1391/3305 LJM0073 Shaft Capscrew LNM0616
LUP0188 LQM0026 Kit-piston assembly Capscrew LNM0432
LPP0100 LZM0309 Plate valve Piston JRC0006
LMP0212 LQM0027 Plate Retainer Stopper LMM0338
LMP0213 LZM0308 Plate swash Stopper LAM0037

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